(ADF-14 ROE RPG /PROJECT: P-Z1-F00-107)

The Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) has received financing from the Africa Development Bank towards capacity building of the EAPP for the operationalization of the regional power market trade project in which the EAPP is a beneficiary of a grant component and intends to apply all the part of the proceeds for consulting services. 

The objective of the assignment is to acquire the services of a qualified Project Accounting Assistant who will be responsible for assisting the Project Coordinator for financial &administrative issues for the implementation of the project ‘’Capacity Building to the EAPP towards Operationalizing the Regional Power Market Trade’’. 

The EAPP seeks to recruit a qualified individual local Project Accounting Assistantwith proven project accounting experience defined in the required qualifications/competences below to serve as Project Accounting Assistant for theProject. 

The expected time of commencement of the assignments will be:April 2020. The total input of the assignment is 24 months. 

The Eastern Africa Power Pool now invites eligible individuals (local expert) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested individual should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are: 

·       Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business from a recognized University;

·       Experience with AfDB or other similar donors will be an added advantage;

·         Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in project related field;

·       Proven working experience with Government, civil society, international organizations and donors is an added value;

·       Financial analysis skillsand procurementexperience

·       Ability to work effectively in a multinational team environment with a capacity to work with minimal supervision;

·       Excellent oral and written communication skills in English;

·       Excellent ability to prepare financial reports and documents;

·       Computer literacy in the use of office applications (e.g. office software packages; MS Word, Excel, Power Point, or equivalent); and

·       Adequate experience in accounting software (Peachtree) is an added value. 

Scope of Services 

The scope of the assignment includes (but is not necessarily limited to) the following tasks: 

·      Assist in  preparing: (i) an annual/quarterly budget, corresponding with the proposed procurement and work plans; and (ii) timely submission of interim financial reports (IFRs) and project account replenishment requests to the African Development Bank;

·       Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation and filing accessible to EAPP Finance Department

·       Ensure timely preparation and compilation of Project budgets and financial reports.

·   Prepare monthly and quarterly financial reports for the EAPP and the African Development Bank on project implementation and provide explanation for any budget deviation/variances, if any.

·       Assist in Preparing the project semi-annual and annual progress reports (progress against planned activities, update on risks and issues, timely submission of Statement of expenditures (SoEs) for justification, annual review report and final review reports, and submit them to EAPP and the African Development Bank as appropriate;

·       Undertake any other functions directly related to the efficient execution of assigned position as directed by the Project Coordinator /Finance Manager.


The Project Accounting Assistant’s primary duties shall also include the following:

  • Internalize/familiarize with the EAPP accounting policies and financial rules as well as the AfDB Grant Agreement provisions and associated AfDB guidelines referred to this project and understand the scope of service, roles and responsibilities of each party (EAPP and the AfDB); and contacts the AfDB Financial Management Specialist (FMS) and the Disbursement officer in the Ethiopia Country Office regularly for better processing of the financial and disbursement documents.
  • Internalize/familiarize with the institutional set up of EAPP in general and EAPP General Secretariat in particular as specified in the Project Documents;
  • Engage on an ongoing basis with the EAPP General Secretariat Finance Department;
  • Ensure that all payments for the project are made and recorded in accordance with the approved budget and complies with AfDB and EAPP Rules;
  • Ensure that all the supporting documents are attached to the payment vouchers and adequately filed;
  • Conduct monthly bank reconciliation;
  • Maintain the petty cash of the project;
  • Maintain asset registration of fixed assets purchased under the project;
  • Prepare response to the findings of the auditor. 

Deliverables/Specific Outputs Expected From the Project Accounting Assistant (PAA)

The Project Accounting Assistant shall assist to deliver the following outputs: 

·       Project Annual / Quarterly budgets, Up-to-date financial reports 

·       Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports on all project financial, administrative activities;

·   Periodic Interim Financial Reports; and status reports/updates on procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for activities defined in Action Plan;

·       Documentation of all correspondences during implementation of project related activities;

·       Project Mid-term Status report (by project Mid-term Review date) and Project Completion Report (by project closing date);

·       Assist the Finance Manager on the midterm and final external audit arrangements

·       Respond to Mid-term and final audit report findings;

·       Adequate file system of all the documentation of the project to be accepted by the Finance Department to be delivered at the end of the assignment. 

The Eastern Africa Power Pool now invites eligible local expert (“Project Accounting Assistant”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested individual local expert should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. 

Duration of the Assignment 

The duration of the assignment/service is for two years, subject to 6 months’ probation period with satisfactory performance before confirmation. Continuation to the second year will be subject to satisfactory performance evaluated yearly. Expected start date is April, 2020. 

The EAPP is an equal opportunity employer; qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Place of Work 

Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) Secretariat Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Application File (PDF Format) 

Applicants interested in this assignment are required to submit Expression of Interest accompanied with their detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV), as well as education degree(s) and other relevant certificates. 

Deadline of Submission 

Expressions of Interest together with CVs and other required documents should be sent to the General Secretary, Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) on or before March 17, 2020 at 10:00am East Africa Time, in PDF format by using the following email address:  and Expressions of Interest should be clearly marked – “Expression of Interest for Project Accounting Assistant”.