Position:                    Project Manager of the EAPP – PIU

Ref. No:                      ET-EAPP-85435-CS-INDV  

Organization:             Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)


A.     Project Background and Objectives

The Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) is a regional institution established in 2005 to coordinate cross-border power trade and grid interconnection among nations of the Eastern Africa region. The EAPP currently has eleven (11) member countries, and fifteen utilities.

The Council of Ministers (COM) is the supreme governing body of EAPP that provides strategic guidance and oversight. The Steering Committee (SC), which consists of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the member utilities, is the executive arm responsible for policy formulation and monitoring of execution. The day-to-day activities are handled by a General Secretariat located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Independent Regulatory Board (IRB) is EAPP’s organ for regional regulation and reports directly to the COM. The IRB is composed of the heads of the national regulatory authorities / commissions in each member country.

 The objectives of the EAPP are to:

     i)         Secure power supply for the countries in the region;

   ii)         Optimize the usage of energy resources available in the region by working out a regional investment scheme in power generation, transmission and distribution taking into account the environment effects;

 iii)         Increase power supply in the region in order to increase access rate of the population to electricity in Eastern Africa;

 iv)         Reduce electricity production cost in the region by using power system interconnection and increase power exchange between countries;

   v)         Provide efficient coordination between various initiatives taken in the field of power production and transmission, as well as exchange in the region;

 vi)         Create, in the framework of New Economic Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), a conducive environment for investment in order to facilitate the financing of regional integration projects in power generation and transmission; and

vii)         Facilitate, in the long term, the development of the electricity market in the region

The World Bank (International Development Association – IDA) is providing a US$10 million grant (IDA Grant) for Technical Assistance (TA) to EAPP under component IV of the Tanzania-Zambia Transmission Interconnector (TAZA) Project. The Technical Assistance will provide institutional strengthening and capacity building to the EAPP to establish market operating rules and platforms and set up technical requirements for operation of the EAPP member utilities (including TANESCO) in a synchronized fashion. The Component 4 financing will cover:

(a) Institutional strengthening and capacity building to EAPP to ensure synchronized operation of grids in the power pool and for Project Management;

(b) Support for the operationalization of centralized short-term markets to complement long-term bilateral contracts;

(c) strengthening EAPP’s Independent Regulatory Board (IRB) and capacity building and knowledge sharing among the region’s regulatory boards; and

(d) The establishment of a regional technical assistance facility for feasibility studies and capacity building and knowledge sharing between the region’s utilities.


The more detailed scope is described in the Tanzania -Zambia Transmission Interconnector Project Appraisal Document (PAD) and is closely aligned with the ongoing World Bank executed Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) support to the EAPP Secretariat.

The IDA Grant also provides funding for the establishment of a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) within the EAPP to carry out the day-to-day implementation activities and management of the Projec 


The objective of the assignment is to acquire the services of a qualified Project Manager (Consultant) who will be Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, execution, control, and successful implementation of the EAPP project implementation activities under the IDA Grant (Component 4 of TAZA Project).

The EAPP Secretariat is therefore, seeking to appoint an experienced international person with proven project management track record in the power sector or other relevant fields defined in the required qualifications/competences below who will serve as Project Manager (PM) for the EAPP Project Implementation Unit (PIU). He/She will be the head of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) tasked with the responsibility of the overall management and coordination of EAPP Project activities under the IDA Grant (Component 4 of TAZA project) on behalf of EAPP.


The scope of the assignment includes (but is not necessarily limited to) the following tasks:

·      Coordinate the activities of the PIU team members and third parties/vendors for the successful execution of the project;

·      Ensure that all project activities are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget;

·      Lead the definition of the scope and targets of the annual/quarterly project implementation work-plan, by involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility;

·     Coordinate resource availability and allocation by preparing:(i) an up-to-date procurement plan; (ii) the corresponding annual/quarterly work plan; (iii) an annual/quarterly budget, corresponding with the proposed procurement and work plans; and (iv) timely submission of interim financial reports (IFRs) and project account replenishment requests to the World Bank;

·      Develop a detailed quarterly project implementation reports, and monitor and track progress;

·   Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs using appropriate verification techniques, and report and escalate to management as needed;

·      Manage the relationship with the EAPP management and all stakeholders;

·      Monitor risks and perform risk management /mitigation to minimize project risks;

·      Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation;

·      Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals;


·      Review in collaboration with the EAPP Team the draft TORs prepared for Procurement of activities related to the Project (Technical Assistance to EAPP);

·      Identify any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project;

·   Ensure timely preparation and compilation of Project Annual / Quarterly Work Plans, budgets, updated procurement plans, and Progress / Final implementation status and financial reports.

·      Prepare monthly reports for the EAPP and World Bank on key project activities, issues and required action points;

·    Prepare the project semi-annual and annual progress reports (progress against planned activities, update on risks and issues, expenditures), annual review report and final review reports, and submit them to EAPP and the World Bank as appropriate;

·    Plan, organize and participate in the bidding or request for proposals’ processes for selection of bidders and ensure the preparation of acceptable bid evaluation reports to be submitted to the World Bank for no-objection.

·      Participate and lead contract negotiations with the selected bidders;

·      Together with the EAPP, prepare funding proposals and concepts for mobilization of resources for the implementation of the EAPP 10 Year Strategic Plan (2018-2017) and progress reports to Development Partners (DPs);

·      Prepare monitoring, evaluation and lessons learned reports and other relevant project related documents in addition to the documents specified in the Financing Agreement between EAPP and the World Bank.

·      Guide and orient efforts and contribution of consultants, EAPP General Secretariat staff, EAPP Technical Committees towards achievement of project objectives;

·      Prepare TORs specifications for project activities.

·   Assist in development and reviewing of the gender mainstreaming strategy in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) and ensure the mainstreaming of gender into all project activities.

·      Manage Project Administrative activities, and monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports.

·      Participate in transparent and competitive selection, recruitment/selection, supervision and mentoring of respective project staff.

·      Ensure efficient Human Resources Management (HRM), conduct regular performance appraisal exercises for project staff.

·      Supervise the establishment and maintenance of proper electronic and proper filing systems.

·      Follow-up and monitor contracts that cover procurement of consulting firms, and different milestones defined in the contracts.

·      Undertake any other functions directly related to the efficient execution of assigned position as directed by the EAPP Secretary General. 

The Project Manager’s primary duties shall also include the following:

·      Internalize/familiarize with the EAPP previous studies, Terms of reference, tender documents and consultancy contracts document as well as the IDA Grant Agreement provisions and different World Bank guidelines referred to this project and understand the scope of service, roles and responsibilities of each party (EAPP and the Association).

·      Internalize/familiarize with the institutional set up of EAPP in general, EAPP General Secretariat and the EAPP – Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in particular as specified in the Project Documents.

·      Engage on an ongoing basis with the EAPP General Secretariat Team, EAPP Technical Committee members and EAPP Advisors.

·      Manage and coordinate day-to-day project activities, from all substantive, administrative and financial matters applying strategic planning and systematic coordination of project activities.

·      Provide direction and leadership in advocating project objectives and ensuring that all interested parties are well informed about the project activities and goals.

·      Ensure supervision of the Project personnel and ensure the quality of outputs and results with optimal monitoring mechanisms; establish an effective communication and coordination between the EAPP, the World Bank and other Development Partners through a well-established reporting system.

·      Participate in World Bank Supervision Missions and project meetings and provide technical inputs, guidance and follow-up with the implementing agency (EAPP) in consultation with the respective advisors of the World Bank Team designated to EAPP General Secretariat.

·      Ensure the quality of outputs and results with optimal monitoring mechanisms; establish effective coordination, monitoring,

·      Be very pro-active in providing solutions where obstacles and difficulties are encountered in all aspects of the project and contract management, procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


The Project Manager shall deliver the following outputs:

·      Project Annual / Quarterly Work Plans, Budgets, Up-to-date Procurement plans, and Progress / Final implementation status and financial reports 

·      Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports on all project related activities;

·      Periodic Interim Financial Reports; and status reports/updates on procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for activities defined in the EAPP Short – term Action Plan.

·      Documentation of all correspondences during implementation of project related activities;

·      Project Mid-term Status report (by project Mid-term Review date) and Project Completion Report (by project closing date)



·     Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Mechanical Engineering / Economics / Administration / Management from a recognized University (a Master’s degree or Postgraduate degree in Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Finance, Management, Administration, Project Management or Economics will be an added advantage).

·      Experience with EAPP or other similar utilities will be an added advantage.

·        Minimum 10 years of relevant work experience in project coordination and management (Project Management Professional (PMP) or similar certification is a plus).

·      Managerial experience in the field of development cooperation including in grant management

·      Proven ability to draft, edit and produce written proposals and results-focused reports

·      Proven experience working with Government, civil society, international organizations and donors

·      Financial and economic analysis skills, procurement management (Tender documents preparation).

·      Understanding and ability to ensure follow-up of technical, financial and economic analysis on power projects.

·      Ability to work effectively in a multinational team environment with a capacity to work with minimal supervision.

·      Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; communication skills in French will be an added advantage.

·      Excellent ability to prepare reports and documents.

·      Computer literacy in the use of office applications (e.g. office software packages; MS Word, Excel, Power Point, or equivalent).

·      Hands-on experience with multilateral and bilateral funded projects. 

·      Experience in projects financed by external donors such as the World Bank, African Development Bank and also have knowledge of policies and procedures of the World Bank.


Contractually, the Project Manager (PM) will be accountable to the EAPP Secretary General, to whom all reports and deliverables as per this TORs should be submitted. The Project Manager shall also work closely with the World Bank’s Energy Sector Task Team Leader (Ethiopia), other designated World Bank staff and consultants (Advisers) and other stakeholders.


The Employer will be availing office space and office furniture, office equipment, stationery materials and communication facilities and other materials required by the Project Manager to perform his/her duties as specified in this TOR.


The duration of the assignment/service is for three years, subject to 6 months’ probation period with satisfactory performance before confirmation.  Continuation to the second and third years will be subject to satisfactory performance evaluated yearly. Expected start date is July 2019.