The EAPP  Technical Subcommitees

The Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) is a regional organization currently comprising thirteen utilities, and seven national energy/electricity regulators from ten member countries.  EAPP is organized and governed according to the Inter-Governmental MOU (IGMOU) and the Inter-Utility MOU (IUMOU).

The EAPP organizational structure consists in the Conference of Ministers, the Steering Committee, the Independent Regulatory Board, the Permanent Secretariat, the Technical Sub-Committees, and the Coordination Center. The IGMOU and IUMOU envisage three Technical Sub-Committees: The Planning Sub-Committee, the Operations Sub-Committee and the Environmental Sub-Committee.

The Technical Sub-Committees are operational arms responsible for the implementation of technical activities. As such they are one of the most important organs for the development and operation of the interconnected regional power system, and the regional power market.  However, owing to the lack of funds, as well as the absence of adequate interconnection, and the early stage of the power market EAPP was unable to set up and fully operationalize all sub-committees.

The Sub Committees were Operationalised in 2012 through the – Operationalisation of the CC and IRB program which was financed by the Royal Norwegian Government.

The Planning Sub Committee
This committee is responsible for coordination of master Plans and Development programs of member utilities.

The Operations Sub Committee

This committee is responsible for definition of the operation and maintenance rules of power plants and networks involved in the EAPP. Other Specific tasks will be defined in the Operation Agreement.

The Environment Sub Committee
This shall be responsible for the environmental impact assessment and mitigation measures on the electrical installations within EAPP.

Activity Reports  of the Sub Committees