EAPP SCM & COM Meetings 2021

27th Steering committee (SCM) and the 15th Council of Ministers (COM) virtual Meetings


The meetings are scheduled in October 2021 for updates on the status of ongoing activities within EAPP in addition to key planned power generation and transmission projects of regional significance in the eastern Africa region. The meeting will also deliberate and consider the proposed amendment to the Intergovernmental MOU of the EAPP and provide guidance on the roadmap for implementation of EAPP’s activities within the next three years.


Working Documents for 27th Steering committee (SCM/COM) 

Technical reports and background documentsReference Documents and Reports for all Participants

SCM & COM Documents ( Internal Documents - Includes Budget and Audit)Restricted Documents - only available for SCM /COM members Only



Hourly Schedule

Day 1: Monday : 11th October 2021 : SCM Meeting

9.AM - 5PM
SCM Update
Update from EAPP GS

Day 2: Tuesday : 12th October 2021 : SCM Meeting

9.AM - 5PM
SCM Deliberations
Resolutions for SCM for forwading to COM

Day 3: Wednesday : 13th October 2021 : COM Meeting

9.AM - 5PM
Joint Meeting: SCM and COM
COM Resolutions
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