Member Countries

Integration for power generation , operations and cross border trading

The goal of EAPP is to be a framework for pooling energy resources, promoting power exchanges between utilities in Eastern Africa in order to secure their respective power supply, provide mutual assistance in case of failure in their respective power systems and reduce power supply costs based on an integrated master plan and pre-established rules (Grid code).

There are currently ten (13) member countries of the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) who have signed the Inter-Governmental MOU (IGMOU). Utilities and national regulators become members of the EAPP once their country signs the IGMOU. 

The table below shows the current member countries and respective utilities as at April 2023

EAPP Countries

Republic of Burundi


Republic of Djibouti

Utility: Electricité de djibouti

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Utility: SNEL

Arab Republic of Egypt

Utility: EEHC

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Utility: EEP

Republic of Kenya


 State of Libya

Utility: GECOL

Republic of Rwanda

Utility: REG

Federal Republic of Somalia

Utility: Ministry of Energy and Water

Republic of South Sudan

Utility: SSEC

Republic of Sudan

Utility: SETCO

United Republic of Tanzania

Utility: TANSECO

Republic of Uganda

Utility: UETCL

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