Social Specialist of the EAPP – PIU | Individual Consultant

Project: Horn of Africa Regional Integration for Sustainable Energy Supply

Position: Social Specialist of the EAPP – PIU

  • Organization:  Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)
  • Department: Eastern Africa Power Pool – Project Implementation Unit (EAPP – PIU)
  • Duty Station: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Reports to: EAPP – PIU Project Manager
  • Contract Period:  one year, renewable upon satisfactory performance
  • Expected Start Date: 1st October 2021.

Horn of Africa Regional Integration for Sustainable Energy Supply (P174175)

Horn of Africa Regional Integration for Sustainable Energy Supply (P174175) is an Investment Project Financing operation. It will provide support to the priority activities identified by the HoA countries (Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, and Kenya). The project will finance critical transmission interconnectors to ensure that the HoA countries can benefit from regional trade under the EAPP and secure increased supply to meet a growing demand for socioeconomic development. It will also support access to grid, off-grid renewable connectivity, and clean cooking solutions for regional integration in the borderlands. Lastly, it will provide technical assistance and capacity building to national sector institutions and regional entities, including the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP). A Project Preparation Advance has been established to ensure adequate project preparation and subsequent implementation of the project.

EAPP has requested 5 million USD as Project Preparation Advance from the World Bank to facilitate the preparation of the Horn of Africa Regional Integration for Sustainable Energy Supply (P174175) Project and strengthen EAPP’s technical capacity for the same.

Key tasks covered under the requested PPA include:

  • Prepare Feasibility and Preliminary Environment and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) studies for the proposed Ethiopia-Somalia Transmission Interconnectors
  • Update of the Feasibility Study and ESIA for the second Ethiopia-Sudan Interconnector
  • Hiring of EAPP Project Implementation Unit (PIU) consultants, operational costs, workshops, training
  • EAPP has already begun activities to advance the preparation of transmission interconnector projects in the Horn of Africa. For the Ethiopia-Somalia interconnectors, the EAPP has published the Expression of Interest (EOI) for feasibility and preliminary ESIA study and received EOIs on June 18 following which it will launch the request for proposals (RFP). A similar exercise for the Ethiopia-Sudan interconnector will commence soon.
  • The EAPP now wishes to recruit a Consultant (Social Specialist) to strengthen EAPP’s Environmental and Social risk management capacity during the initial stages of the Project’s implementation. The position will be funded under the HOA RISES to EAPP.

Objectives of the Assignment:

The major role and objective of the assignment are to be responsible for documenting, provide support and inputs for the EAPP – PIU and the EAPP Secretariat to regularly apprise the management and update E&S Risk Management (ESRM) related information within the secretariat that would help in tracking effective management of E&S related risks and resource deployment.

The Social Specialist will provide guidance to the EAPP other technical staff on environmental and social risk management and management aspects of the various projects’ implementation and operation and ensure adherence to sound ESRM practices consistent with agreements, manuals, and project documents.

To this effect, the Social Specialist will assist the EAPP to develop and implement Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP); to update other E&S instruments; to supervise and monitor the implementation of ESMP and other environmental and social instruments (ESMF, RF, SEP, LMP, SMP, etc); to provide professional inputs during project, implementation; and to build the technical capacity of staff within the secretariat.


The REOI and TOR for the position are provided below. The CVs and other required documents should be sent to the Eastern Africa Power Pool General Secretariat not later than 24th August 2021, in electronic format at the following address:

REOI for Social Specialist EAPP_ HOA_RISES24.8.2021
Terms of Reference for Social Specialist EAPP_HOA RISES24.8.2021

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